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Homegrown Mini-Golf is a rich agricultural environment with over 50 varieties of vegetables, fruit, herbs, grains and nuts that grow, develop and change with the seasons. All are identified with signage that vividly explains science, history and lore. When ripe, the plantings can even be tasted. The gardens are designed to nurture an appreciation for our food and excite interest in its fascinating origins.

Teacher Resources
Examples of NYS Learning StandardsHomegrown Activity Book

Living Environment grades 5-8
Living Environment grades K-4
Science Grades 3-4

Some teachers have asked for a quiz for their students based on Homegrown Mini-Golf. Check out our Activity Book and see if the quiz on pages 4-5 works for you. Page 3 and page 10 are also good exercises. Feel free to print them out and distribute them to your students.

Activity Book Answers are here.

Edible Landscaping
Learn about the plants that comprise the landscaping throughout Home-Grown Mini-Golf. Each pamphlet includes photos, descriptions, and a map.

Fruit Grains Vegetables herbs

Click the cover to download a pdf. Group leaders--feel free to print and distribute these pamphlets. For best results, in the printer dialog box set Page Scaling to none. Print on both sides of paper, flipping it on the short side.

Pamphlets show Homegrown Mini-Golf plantings for 2009.

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